Online Casinos – Possible to Make a living Gambling Online?

Are you a lucky slots player? Do you excel at blackjack? Do your numbers come up in roulette? If so, you’ve probably pondered quitting your day job, thinking that life would be a lot easier gambling online for a living. The best jobs are the ones you like to do; so if you like to play cards, why not play cards for a living? Moreover, is it possible to make money from online casinos?

The short answer: YES, BUT… and the “BUT” is a big one in this case. First of all, you need a reality check on which games are most suitable for professional gambling. Games like slots, roulette, Caribbean Stud poker, and progressive slots have odds that are hopelessly stacked against the player. You can’t be a “professional” slots player because there is no skill element involved: it is simply being at the right place at the right time. If you try to make money playing slots over a long period of time, you’ll find that you’ll eventually lose all your money. This is why gambling is known as the “slow bleed”.

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What games, then, are the best? Most “professional” gamblers choose table games like Blackjack, Craps, and Baccarat, where the odds are much better if you know how to play the games correctly. The only machine powered game that you have a chance at beating is Video Poker, if you learn to employ perfect strategy. Unlike slots, Video Poker has a relatively low house edge, and players that know how to bet each will usually prevail. In general, players that are highly knowledgeable about casino game strategies are known as “advantage players”, who generally look to exploit game weaknesses.

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Now, can game weaknesses be exploited indefinitely? No. If your average bet is $100 per hand of blackjack, and you play everyday over the course of a year, chances are you’re going to lose all your money, even if you known blackjack strategy cold. The catch with gambling is that you need to win big in the short term, hoard your winnings, and get out of the casino. The most best advantage players know when to leave, and essentially don’t consider themselves “gamblers” but more like hustlers. They don’t play to win $1,000,000 with a $100 deposit: instead, for example, they make a $100 deposit and attempt to earn 20% on their money. If you can do this consistently without losing your bankroll, you can create a modest income.

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Another strategy some advantage players use is beating bonuses. Again, this is not actually being a “winning gambler” as much as it is hustling the house for some quick cash. Some players will scour the internet, looking for casinos that offer favorable bonuses. Once they’ve identified a site, they’ll play under a few different names so that they can beat the bonus multiple times. Using one ID would not work, since the casino would get wise to your ploys very fast (plus, you only get a first deposit bonus once). After a while, if enough people figure out how to beat a bonus, the casino will simply change its offer and ban any suspicious players. As a result, the bonus “beater” has to move on to another site. For the most part, it’s very hard to find a casino where you can beat bonuses these days.

To summarize, the way to gamble for a living is 1) Playing games that are the most favorable to the player; 2) Having a thorough knowledge of game strategy; and most importantly 3) Winning a little in the short run and getting out of the casino. Otherwise, if you don’t play by any of these criteria, you’re just a recreational player like the rest.

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Online Casinos – Fast Games vs. Slow Games

Why do you like to gamble online? Is it for the thrill of winning a few quick bucks, the satisfaction of beating the house, or to pass time with others in a multi-player setting? No matter what your reason is, it’s safe to say that nowadays online casinos have a game for everyone. In fact, many online casinos offer a greater variety of games (in total) than some land based operations. For example, Microgaming software boasts well over 100 games combined, while RTG and Rival offer just over 60 games each. When it comes to gambling online, variety is the spice of life: if you can find a casino that provides you with the type of action you want, you’ll probably return to play again.

So what types of games do YOU like to play? In the casinos, there’s generally two different camps: the action games and the leisurely games. Players in the action camp thrive on non-stop betting action, that occurs at a rapid pace, whereas those in the leisurely games camp like more slow and deliberate games that also avail the opportunity to socialize. No one group is better than the other: the casinos still make money if you lose, so they’ll happy to offer whatever kind of game that brings customers through the door.

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Action Casino Games
The following is a very short list of “action” casino games

  1. Slot Machines – First, you put in some money, and then, before you know it, you’re hitting the “max bet” button and not even bothering to grab the machine’s lever. Slots are the king of action games: if you think of a spin as one “hand” of play, you can literally enjoy a couple dozen hands within a minute. This fast paced action is what lures many gamblers in, and can be one of the most addictive games in the house. People often stare at slot machines for hours on end, particularly if the bets are small as in the popular penny slots in Las Vegas.
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  3. Video Poker – Video poker is much like slots, in that you sit yourself in front of a gaming machine’s window, deposit money, and then play at your own pace. Video poker may not be as fast as slots, but it can still produce lots of action for gamblers, especially for those that know video poker strategy cold. Video Poker is also slightly more interactive than standard slots (although recent innovations in slot machines have produced intricate bonus games and plot lines). Players are dealt a hand of cards, and then have the opportunity to discard or go with the initial hand they were given. The decision making slows the game down a bit, but it’s still possible to lose track of time (and money) sitting at a video poker machine.
  4. Blackjack – Blackjack is probably the fastest moving table game. 7 players quietly huddle around a table and are dealt two cards from a shoe, in hopes of beating the dealer to get a 1:1 payoff on their bet. Like Video Poker, there is a decision making element, which usually means a player must apply blackjack basic strategy to their hand. Otherwise, they’ll probably catch flack from other more seasoned players at the table. Either way, the game moves along very quickly: tables with fast dealers and knowledgeable players can play dozens of hands in an hour. As a result, the only thing that slows down your blackjack game is other players, and this hindrance can be minimized by playing with the big boys.

Leisurely Casino Games
The following is a very short list of “leisurely” casino games

  1. Caribbean Stud Poker – Playing Caribbean Stud poker can be a test of patience for action gamblers, but for those that like a slow pace and have time to kill, Caribbean stud poker can be the perfect diversion. Each player at the table is dealt 5 cards against the dealer’s hand, who flips over one card for everyone to see. Then, the interesting part begins: once every player picks up his or her hand, you’ll frequently notice that they slowly and deliberately pick through their cards, hoping to be dealt a massive hand right off the bat. If they’ve got a hand, they can place a bet. If they don’t have a hand, they can fold. Players can also opt to play for the Caribbean Stud Poker jackpot by anteing a $1, in hopes of hitting a full house, four of a kind, straight flush, or royal flush. At the end of the hand, the dealer reshuffles the entire deck of cards. All this pomp and circumstance makes Caribbean stud much more leisurely compared to slots or blackjack, and affords players the opportunity to socialize.
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  3. Roulette – If you’re playing at your own table, a game of Roulette can move along quite fast. Most gamblers, however, aren’t high rollers and end up playing with everyone else. As a result, Roulette turns into a much slower game because each player at the table must bet their chips across 36 inner numbers and outer side bets, watch the ball roll around the wheel, and then wait for the dealer to collect losing bets and pay winning bets at the end of the spin. With 7 or 8 people at a table, roulette pokes along slowly, especially if some of the other players are very deliberate about how they bet. You might even see some players writing down numbers in hopes of figuring out a pattern of winning results. In the end, however, unless you’re by yourself, expect a group game of roulette to take time, especially if the dealer doesn’t have an automatic chip sorter.
  4. Craps – Like Roulette, the speed of a craps game depends on the number of players in the game and the relative experience level. Highly seasoned craps players make their bets fast, knowing exactly where to put their chips down when the next shooter is up. Novices, on the other hand, will often consult friends or the dealers about placing bets (especially at low limit tables), or might even throw the dice incorrectly a couple times. These little hiccups takes away the action element, and a game of craps quickly turns into a lot of carousing and frantic movement around the table. If, however, you’re playing with a couple people at a high limit table, expect the game to move MUCH faster: these players are here to make money, knowing that craps is one of the most favorable games in the house.

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There you have it: a few games that are for speed demons, and a few games that are great for a lazy after noon of online casinos games. It’s important to note that the game speed factor is much different online versus offline, since most online casinos provide players with their own private gaming tables. Alternatively, some online casinos setup multi-player table games, which in some cases might be SLOWER than offline gambling, especially if players are not paying attention to the game, or internet connections are slow. With these thoughts in mind, the next time you go gambling at an online casinos site, pick a game that suits your style and need for speed!

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