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Just like Las Vegas, the online casino world has its own set of casinos built for the high rolling VIP player. In many respects, the “Vegas” high roller is no different than the “online” high roller: a variety of payment options, outstanding customer service and plenty of comps are necessary to keep them happy. If you like “to bet big to win big”, you’re in the right spot. Today’s blog is about online casinos for USA VIP players who are seeking an extra special gaming experience; and are willing to pony up the cash necessary to get things their way.

First off, who is a VIP casino player? The answer to that question usually depends on the particular casino a VIP player is patronizing. Some newer casinos have low deposit thresholds for VIP players, while older, most established online casinos require higher deposits in order to qualify for their VIP programs. The following is a list of VIP player levels used by some casinos that are consistent with the rest of the industry:

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  • Bronze – Initial deposit of $500-$1000; recurring deposits totaling $5,000 in any one calendar month.
  • Silver – Initial deposit of $1,001-$1,500; recurring deposits totaling $7,500 in any one calendar month.
  • Gold – Initial deposit of $1,501 to $2,500; recurring deposits totaling $10,000 in any one calendar month.
  • Platinum – Initial deposit of $2,501 to $4,000; recurring deposits totaling $15,000 in any one calendar month.
  • Sapphire – Initial deposit of $4,001-$7,500; recurring deposits totaling $20,000 in any one calendar month.
  • Diamond – Initial deposit of $7,501 or more; recurring deposits totaling $20,001 or more in any one calendar month.

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In most cases, the initial deposit amount can be flexible, since many VIP players like to try out a casino first with a minimal deposit. If they like what they see, they follow with a more substantial deposit that isn’t subject to first deposit bonus conditions. After a large second or third deposit, VIP players should immediately call the casino support team and ask for some preferred payment processing options, player friendly bonuses and exclusive promotions. If you’re willing to deposit big the casino should answer your calls on the first ring and offer you credit card processing that will be problem free.

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Next, what can a VIP player expect in terms of gifts from the online casino? Typical starting gifts include birthday deposit bonuses, a dedicated VIP casino host or a special casino contract that gives the VIP player more perks than the average depositor. If the VIP player’s deposits grow, so do the benefits: many online casinos routinely send lavish gifts in the mail (expensive liquor, wine, or champagne), free electronics (Ipods, Tablets, Mini-Laptops), and even exotic vacations (cruise passes, plane tickets to anywhere in the world, Caribbean vacations, and more). Basic rule of thumb: as long as you continue to make large deposits on a regular basis, you should expect a constant flow of freebies courtesy of the casino. Drop any casino that doesn’t treat you – one of its best customers – with respect and gratitude for your business.

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Finally, a VIP player should get private gaming tables with higher limit action. Many VIP players prefer table games because they offer better odds than slots. Additionally, most VIP players are highly experienced gamblers who know the ins and outs of almost all casino games. That means they know what a reasonable table limit is for high rollers. This is not to say, however, that slots players can’t be VIPs. In fact, some online casinos offer serious slots players their own bank of virtual slot machines with increased play amounts. Ultimately, it all comes down to how much you deposit and what games you like to play. Any online casino worth its salt will find a way to cater to your needs: just be clear that you intend to deposit big as long as they treat you right.

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To sum up, VIP players accumulate high deposit totals on a monthly basis which results in a constant flow of gifts and higher limit betting action for their favorite games. VIP players are like luxury car buyers. Not content with the status quo, they are discerning customers that want something special because they have the bankroll to back it up. Above all, VIP players should never stay with a casino that doesn’t appreciate their business. Know when to leave a bad casino operation so that you can find a better one that treats its players right.

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