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It’s the Holy Grail of online gaming: same day, hassle free payouts. Given the current climate of the offshore gaming industry, this “Holy Grail” would seem all but impossible to find, let alone an American facing gaming operation that pays within 5-7 days. Well, we just found the Holy Grail, and if you don’t mind playing casino games at an online sportsbook, you’re in luck!

Introducing, one of the sportsbook industry’s best kept secrets. Sportsbook customers – from hardcore gambler to weekend warrior – are raving about amazing customer service and lightning fast payouts. Even the crowd at, a popular sportsbook forum and gathering place, has lauded for its incredible decency and superb customer service. When a hardened gamblers take time out to compliment a sportsbook, you know it must be good.

The privilege of playing at doesn’t come without a couple minor conditions.

First, the website is primarily a sportsbook, geared towards the male USA sports bettor. The casino software is from a lesser known gaming development company, but it still packs a pretty good punch. Players can enjoy slots, video poker, blackjack, baccarat, craps, roulette, pai gow, Caribbean Stud Poker, and many more. Table limits are modest, but can be adjusted on special request. Ladies, if you can tolerate a website that is “sexed up” a bit with provocative female models, you’ll find playing casino games at no big deal. Best of all: as of the date of this blog entry, offers casino players a generous 150% bonus. The bonus terms and conditions are minimal and not predatory in nature.

Second, deposit methods are limited to bank wire and “money transfer”, a coded phrase that usually means one can deposit with Western Uni0n or Money [email protected] At first glance, these payment options might be a hangup. Usually a sign that an online casino has its act together is an abundance of deposit and withdrawal methods., however, is the exception to this rule. Remember, money transfers can be funded by credit card, cash, check, money order, or EFT (electronic funds transaction). Furthermore, there are plenty of stores that offer money transfer services. Simply visit the courtesy counter at a major supermarket brand, big-box retailer like Walmart, or chain drug store and they’ll be able to tell you how to make a money transfer. If there are no stores near you, don’t worry. Many cash transfers, specifically Western Uni0n, can also initiated online at the respective service’s website. All you need is your banking information and/or credit card.

Another way to look at it: since you CAN use a variety of ways to fund a money transfer, you essentially can deposit to just like any other casino, except for the fact that setting up the funds transfer is an added step. If you like to bet big, we recommend depositing with a Bank Wire, which is a very safe and reliable method of funding your player’s account.

So, if you can live with sexy female models and bank wires or money transfers – Western Uni0n or Money [email protected] as deposit methods – you’re set to go!

Payouts are the best. Simply call customer service and request your funds. You can opt for bank wire or a money transfer back to you. Again, once you have your Western Uni0n or Money [email protected] control number, simply visit any major retail outlet and you can get cash in-hand within minutes. Don’t take our word for it. Check out this informative thread at that gives nothing but comps: Same Day Payouts . Customers using a cash transfer company’s website can usually have money sent to their bank account via EFT, which usually takes 2-3 days to clear.

Don’t put up with the guff you get from lousy offshore casino operations. is the new place to play and they LOVE to pay! 🙂

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In today’s complicated times for USA online casino players, sometimes getting a payout requires a lot of arm twisting and perseverance. Even the USA facing online casinos with the BEST reputations can take time, have clerical errors, or simply not have the money on hand to make a transaction. This makes playing online casino games a bit dubious for USA online casino customers: if they lose their money, there won’t be any problems; but if they win money, it will take days – if not weeks – to get paid.

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Why are payouts from USA facing online casinos such a royal pain?

  1. Poorly financed casino operations – It’s no secret that most offshore online casinos accepting USA players are poorly financed. Essentially, they have very little operating cash, just enough to pay employees, gaming licenses, and server costs. Even the best USA online casinos struggle to keep a solid flow of liquid cash moving through their businesses. While these sorts of difficulties are more problematic in the sportsbook market, some online casinos literally “fly by night” when it comes to finances. This doesn’t mean they’re out to screw players. It just means that they have MANY bills to pay and sending money to winning players is often last on their list of priorities.
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  3. Problems with credit card processing – The most convenient way to deposit is using a credit card. Setting up an e-wallet account can sometimes prove difficult and often requires a lot of paperwork. On top of that, you must also verify if your bank will accept inbound transactions from a particular e-wallet, because many banks like to avoid anything vaguely related to online gambling altogether. Cash transfer options like Money [email protected] and Western Uni0n usually don’t allow high limit transactions, which leaves bank wire as the only viable option. Gamblers want to gamble immediately, not 5-7 days from now. As a result, bank wires are used as a last resort for most patient casino players.

    One would think collecting payment from credit card processors would be a relatively easy task: send a bill for all funds due, subtract processing fees and commissions, and then transfer the money to the casino’s bank accounts. In reality, this isn’t the case. Many credit card processors that accept USA players operate in a legal grey area. They are basically “tricking” the customer’s credit card company into allowing money to be sent to a casino, instead of an actual coded transaction. Because of the need to do things on the down low, credit card processors can’t pay casinos right away. They have to wait 2-3 weeks into the following month to allow funds to settle in their accounts before transferring money to an online casino. Inevitably there will be voided transactions and chargebacks that the processor would rather not absorb, so they always play it safe. In some cases, criminal credit card processors will simply keep a casino’s money and never pay it at all. The result: the processor escapes with a ton of cash and the online casino is left holding the bag.

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  4. The “Money Shuffle” and currency conversions – Let’s suppose a casino is well financed and does have reliable credit card processors. They’re not out of the woods yet. Money must be transferred around the globe before online casinos can pay their players, particularly if those players are from the USA. USA banking law and strict European anti-money laundering regulations often mean that a casino’s credit card processor collects deposits in Cyprus, then wires funds to an account in Malta, then transfers money to the UK, and finally gets a wire transfer disbursed to their actual location in Antigua, Costa Rica, or Panama. We at call this the “Money Shuffle” because it’s a dance every casino does on a monthly basis to keep their finances in order. Of course, these complicated banking situations also mean players can’t get paid winnings right away.

What can be done about a casino that doesn’t pay me my winnings?

First off, you’re going to need to be patient. USA facing online casinos with the best reputations often need some leeway when it comes to paying players, and this means inevitable delays and clerical mistakes. Be prepared to wait up to three weeks for a payout from most casinos, even those with a stellar reputation.

Second, be persistent. That means stubborn 🙂 . If a casino hasn’t sent you your money, call them every day and remind them that you’re waiting. Don’t forget to tell that you’ve been a regular customer for X months or that you’re part of the VIP program if applicable. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. If you don’t pipe up about money owed, the casino might “forget” or “misplace” it until the next month. Finally, you might get the commonly used explanation that “we’re also delaying payments to other players so you’re not alone and should wait”. This is a lousy excuse. It deflects blame from the casino and attempts to tug at your heartstrings and suffer like the rest of the crowd. This isn’t how business is done. If you’re owed money and it is past due, you MUST get that money, regardless of the feelings of other players or excuses made by the casino. is part of the famous affiliate program, a highly reputable and SAFE place for USA players to enjoy casino games. Click Here to Play Now!

Third, setup an e-wallet account if you don’t have one already. Yes, it can be a hassle and sometimes a waste of time of your bank doesn’t accept an e-wallet’s money; but if you’re successful it means payouts are MUCH easier to receive from the casino. Instead of waiting for funds to clear at a casino’s bank followed by an international letter containing a paper check, casinos can simply type in the money you’ve won and click “send” and it will appear instantly (in most cases) in your e-wallet account. This process is similar to paying someone by Paypal, except the money originates from a foreign bank. E-wallets make things a lot easier for both sides.

Finally, if you’ve kicked and screamed and still haven’t received a payout, visit a casino affiliate forum. It’s free to join these forums. Then, find the appropriate place to post “XYZ casino has not paid me” note. Casino affiliates and casino affiliate program managers regularly visit the top forums to take care of any potentially damaging PR. If a player is complaining that they haven’t be paid after doing everything they possibly could to get the money, that reflects poorly on the casino and means it will lose business.

Recommended Casino Affiliate Forums:
4. (Gambling Portal Webmasters Association)

Some casino affiliate forums even have designated staff that have inside contacts at top online casinos. In most cases disputes can be resolved in a few days, in which case it is proper etiquette to update your complaint thread with a “I got paid” message. is the place to be when it comes to winning big. Click Here to Play RTG casino games Now!

Our final word of advice: don’t play at lousy casinos with poor reputations, no matter how much bonus money they throw at you. There are plenty of shady USA facing online casinos that are nothing more than con-artists looking for a quick buck. Before spending any of your hard earned cash at an online casino, do a simple Google search for any complaints, reputation issues, and payout reliability. This litte bit of due diligence will save you a TON of trouble later on. is part of, a highly respected group of online casinos. Click Here to Play RTG Casino Games Now!

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