NFL 2013-2014 Schedule Posted

As American families prepare to celebrate the Nation’s birthday tomorrow, July 4, 2013, the start of the NFL regular season is now just 2 months away. While the dog days of summer lend themselves to horses and wagers on baseball games, the fall football season is when the real money is made. Bookies are chomping at the bit for football to begin, because it means a BIG influx of cash and wagers, the lifeblood of any gaming business.

Our sister site, has recently updated its odds and NFL schedule section for the 2013-14 Fall season. The odds pages are now powered by SportsOptions, and offer near live updates on lines and odds for both NFL and college football games. Opening lines are posted, and the lines from each major online sportsbook are updated as they become available. has already posted odds for the NFL regular season week 1, hoping to attract some early money.

In our opinion its best to hold off on football bets for another month or two. The preseason starts in roughly 5 weeks, and it usually showcases the second string and new hires. You can’t get a sense for how strong a football team is until the starters take the field for the money games. In that vain, practice spotting bad lines during the preseason, but don’t make any big bets just yet. You’ve still got 17 weeks of action PLUS the postseason to make money. Ease into it.

At present, online football bets are still made offshore. The DOJ has slowly eaten away at these foreign operations, most recently shutting down Legends sportsbook and arresting key management figures at The Greek. That leaves a few key players, plus any smaller lesser-known start ups. Playing at a “new” online sportsbook is risky: most likely, it is being run by the same people who abandoned a previously untrustworthy operation. There isn’t much new blood in the offshore market because online gambling is (SLOWLY) going live in the USA.

To be sure, legalized sports betting online from Las Vegas or Atlantic City is a few years off. Proponents of legalization face an uphill battle against strong lobbies from the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and NCAA (nearly ALL the major sports organizations are staunchly opposed to ANY form of legal sports betting, let alone national online betting). For the time being, online poker will be leading the charge, followed by full casino games. Sports betting – the 900lb gorilla – will quietly bide its time until the legislative climate is ripe for a bold move.

Football is still a couple months off, so we urge you to visit some of our industry-leading gaming websites offering full suites of casino games. Real Time Gaming continues to drive the USA friendly market, with a handful of Top Game operations still above water despite recent news that a few were leaving the market. Payment processing remains king: choose a website with reliable deposits AND withdrawals.

Good Luck from! Rolling Out Online Poker July 2013

With the World Series of Poker now underway, newly minted Nevadan online gaming companies are quietly preparing to launch their first legal online poker rooms.

The first website to go live was the Feritta Brothers’ The traffic levels in the initial days following this much heralded innovation in Nevada gambling were anemic at best: dozens of tables were “open” but only a few games were running. Blinds were set low to entice recreational players. Sometimes it takes a little more meat to attract the sharks. When weekly cash games start with $5,000 or more in prize money, we believe these websites will become much busier.

Why haven’t other companies jumped in? Apparently the Nevada Gaming Control Board is throttling the introduction of online poker in its state, making sure everything runs smoothly. Many opponents of legalizing online poker voiced concerns about fair gaming, gambling addiction, and payment processing. The NGCB has decided to judiciously turn up new poker websites to avoid any sort of controversy that might throw the baby out with the bath water.

The next anticipated Nevada online poker room to open its doors will be Entertainment. We profiled’s reentry into the USA market a couple weeks ago. They were wise to exit when the 2006 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act passed: instead of plodding ahead in violation of USA law, they bided their time waiting for the near certain legalization of some form of online gambling in the United States. The question wasn’t IF, but WHEN, and their clairvoyance paid off. Now partnered with Caesars, one of the world’s leading casino conglomerates, their own Nevada online poker room could give the Fertitta Broters a run for their money. is well versed in internet marketing and its books are solid. They’re not going anywhere, short of the internet disappearing from the face of the Earth.

The Main Event of the World Series of Poker kicks off July 6, 2013. The concurrent launch of some internet poker rooms might diminish the novelty of fully legal online poker in Nevada, but we’re confident once the World Series concludes, marketers will be pushing their sites in full force.

Even more promising is the Nevada governor’s plan to subvert Federal online gambling restrictions by making private compacts with other states to expand Nevada’s online poker market. For example, Nevada could extend an invitation to Texas, allowing the Lone Star State to share in the revenue created from its customers. This win-win scenario for the states is a creative way to create additional income while the Federal government gets its act together. In 2-3 years, we believe 10-15 states could have private gaming compacts with Nevada.

Best of all, the states that make these agreements don’t have to worry about setting up servers, regulatory bodies, or expansive new legislation: they just make it legal for their residents to play in Nevada and pick up a paycheck. It’s the affiliate marketing model on a MUCH grander scale.

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