Don’t Forget about Online Casino Payout Percentages

One of the most overlooked aspects of any online casino is its payout percentage. When surfing around the net for a casino to enjoy, many people see lots of clever ads, enticing sales talk, and flashy banners. The fact to the matter is, some unscrupulous online casinos are great marketers but poor casino operations.

As a result, many online casinos have begun listing payout percentages. Leading the group thus far is Microgaming, which by all accounts is the top online casino software. Although Microgaming only accepts European and International business (the casino company left the USA market), the payout percentages offered by these casinos are generally on par with those of Las Vegas.

Remember, “payout percentage” is much like “payback” percentage. That is, the percentage value shows how much money is returned to the player as payout per hand of cards/spin of roulette wheel/video poker hand/slot machine slot.

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The following is a brief table of payout percentages for a couple Microgaming casinos. Feel free to click the links and try for yourself if you are from Europe or any other country besides the USA!

Golden Tiger 97.94 97.05 99.13 98.49
Casino Classic 96.39 95.32 97.7 98.42
Captain Cooks 97.36 95.1 98.85 98.74

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