Whether you’re a seasoned online casino player or just starting out, you’ll eventually have to deal with an online casino customer support representative. In general, you can gauge the quality of an online casino by the caliber of support you receive, how trustworthy the representative is, and if they actually follow through with their promises. It’s important to remember that some casinos offer great signup bonuses and prizes, but when you need to contact them, your calls or emails go unanswered. Therefore, when you do get a hold of a support rep, you should keep the following things in mind:

  • Have you account ID ready – This may sound like an obvious suggestion, but believe it or not, many people will call up or write an online casino without using their account ID in the support request. As a result, when your query is answered, the person on the other end either has to guess which account is yours, or wade through the casino’s entire player list to find your ID. This wastes valuable time, and many casinos will simply return your email asking for your account ID. If you’re on the phone, you’ll have to fumble around your computer or wait extra time as the support rep figures out who you are. Always know your account ID.
  • Remember your password and security question – Many online casinos and their customers have been defrauded by people who steal the identity of a player, request a payout, and then disappear with the money. Nowadays, casinos are more careful, and many times, you’ll have to supply your account password or security question over the phone or by email to the support rep. IMPORTANT: never send your password or security information in your initial request to customer service. Wait for them to reply and request this info. If you receive an email or phone call out of the blue asking you to “confirm” account information, it could be a fraudster at work. Always double check the sender’s email address, or casino’s proper phone number, before giving away important security information.
  • If you want a payout, be forceful and have a payout option at the ready – As a general rule, online casinos don’t like to payout players. This represents loss of potential revenue for them, so whenever a player calls or writes requesting a payout request, even the best casinos will stall and play games. To avoid this situation, it’s best to call customer support personally. Be clear and forceful, stating your account ID and your preferred payout option. Have your physical address ready if you’re requesting a check, or, if you’re using an e-wallet like Moneybookers or Neteller, have all the necessary account details ready. If you don’t have this information, or are not organized when you request your payout, the casino will NOT go out of its way to help you. You, the player and client, must take the initiative in these types of situations.

So, as you can see, it all comes down to being clear and organized with your casino account information when contacting customer support. Therefore, when you signup at a new online casino, write down your account ID, password, security question, and preferred payout method in a safe place. Also, if you’re requesting a payout to your bank account, be sure to have your complete account number, Swift code (if necessary) or ABA routing number. For e-wallet payouts, be sure to have your entire account ID and email address. Never divulge your e-wallet or online banking password to any casino or unknown party: they don’t need this information to process a payout, so don’t surrender it.

Have fun and play safe!