As always, strives to help players discover new ways to deposit to their online casino account. By and large, the most popular method is by Credit Card, but many times these transactions will not go through or will prove unreliable for future deposits. Credit card companies (especially in this economy) are edgy about extending anyone a line of credit, let alone unknowingly sending transactions off to offshore casino sites. This isn’t the player’s fault: it’s up to the banks to get their act together and respect the rights of private citizens to spend their money as they see fit, given that they keep their credit card account in order.

After credit cards, most seasoned online casino players suggest e-wallets as a deposit AND withdrawal method. USA players CAN NOT get withdrawals to their USA credit cards, unless they play with a credit card that is based out of a foreign country. As a result, when it comes time to collect your winnings, you’ll have to wait for a check by snail mail.

E-wallets are essentially 3rd party money movers, that act as a middle man between your credit cards and/or bank accounts and the actual casino site. Right away, you’re probably thinking “that means more fees”. The reply to that is yes and no. A lot of the time, the amount of fees incurred by the player depends on how they fund their e-wallet account, and if the casino charges any deposit fees. Usually, it’s 100% free to deposit to your casino account once you’ve successfully moved money into your e-wallet account.

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Credit Cards can be used at e-wallets, but even more convenient is using your bank account. Prior to the USA’s UIGEA legislation, many casinos took deposits via e-check or ACH withdrawal, which immediately posted to bank accounts as an electronic funds transaction.

Now, for nearly most all major and reputable casino operations, these types of transactions aren’t possible. You can, however, move money to your e-wallet account directly from your bank account using electronic funds transfers, bank wire, ACH, and direct debit. So, whereas in the past you could directly deposit to a casino, now you have to directly deposit to the e-wallet, and then deposit those funds to the casino. accepts USA, Canada, and European Players - Click Here

This may sound like a lot of confusion, but in reality, that process takes minutes once you’re used to e-wallets. There’s also another great benefit of using e-wallets: withdrawals can be credited directly to your e-wallet, which can then be moved directly to your bank account. Hence, you won’t have to wait for a “check in the mail” from the casino. Instead, your e-wallet will get the funds within hours, and then the money is yours to enjoy.

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