Jaxcasinos.com spends considerable effort on advising its readers about the best online casinos; however, up until now, we’ve paid little attention to sports betting. Sports betting and casino gambling actually go hand in hand. If you make a trip to Las Vegas, you’ll notice that many of the top casinos also offer a sportsbook or horse racebook within the same building. This fact is paralleled in the online gambling world as well: many top sportsbooks offer horse betting, sportsbook, and full casinos for their clients. The marriage of these two different facets of gambling seems to work well for these businesses.

With that said, we’d like to suggest you look at three top online sports betting portal websites. Each site offers multiple sportsbooks to choose from, and all of the sportsbooks listed have an online casino and/or poker room. The NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, soccer, golf, tennis, and many other sports leagues are covered, so there’s something for everyone. Note also that most of the sportsbooks at these websites offer multiple deposit options, so getting your money through the door will not be a problem.


Sportsbetting3.com is easily one of the web’s top sports betting websites, offering more than 10 different sportsbooks to choose from, all of which offer betting on most major sports. Additionally, Sportsbetting3.com has reviews of a few casinos and horse racebooks. You’ll find that the website is very informative: on the left-hand side of the page, links to pages containing detailed explanations about types of sports bets and how to wager are offered. Most importantly, Sportsbetting3.com has two extremely important pages: sportsbook and casino deposit options. If you’re from the USA and experiencing difficulties depositing money, check out Sportsbetting3.com’s wagering deposit information pages, where you’ll surely find a website that will welcome your business. All the sportsbooks at Sportsbetting3.com are highly trustworthy, and ranked year after year as the best places to bet online.


Hands down, NFL betting is probably the most popular attraction for sports bettors, especially those situated in the USA. Each fall, the NFL gears up for action with over 16 weeks of regular season play, Monday Night football, and some Thursday games. As the winter begins, the play-offs begin, all of which lead to the Super Bowl, one of the most popular sports betting events of the year. Bet-on-the-NFL.com is an NFL specialty website that has great general football information, informative pages for each team, and great sportsbooks for players from the USA and around the world. Also, Bet-on-the-NFL.com has the current 2009-10 NFL schedule posted, along with special pages dedicated to the play-offs, league commentary, and Super Bowl. Last year alone, Bet-on-the-NFL.com was considered by many customers to be the best NFL betting portal on the net, both for its simplicity and thorough inclusion of important football betting information.


Looking for a great website that offers the top sportsbooks for basketball betting? Tired of the same old boring gambling portal websites that only cater to the football crowd? Well, we’ve got the site for you: Basketball-betting.com. This all inclusive website has a page dedicated to each NBA team and major basketball betting events including the NBA play-offs and March Madness Betting. Furthermore, each team’s page at Basketball-betting.com has links to historical information, and the official NBA schedule and box scores so you can keep track of your favorite teams and players. Most importantly, though, Basketball-betting.com advertisers top tier sportsbooks that have proven, year after year, to provide customers high quality customer service, easy deposit options, and great wagering alternatives. Each sportsbook listed offers basketball straight bets, spread betting, money line wagers, parlays, if bets, teasers, and many other exotic and standard wagering alternatives. Basketball-betting.com is truly a great site that will quickly point you in the right direction if you’re looking for a place to bet that will treat you with respect.

Overall, you’ll find these three super sports portals to be highly informative, reliable, and containing all the most up to date sports betting information. An informed bettor is a winning bettor, and the effort to provide the most authentic sports betting information possible is obvious at these three top sites.

Best of Luck from all of us at Jaxcasinos.com, whether you’re sports betting or in the casinos!