Just as there are VIP players in brick and mortar casinos, there are high rollers at online casinos as well. These players have a large bankroll, like to bet big, like to win big, and love the extra attention they get from casino staff.

They are frequently comped hotel rooms, restaurant meals, even transportation tickets to come and play at the top VIP player casinos in Las Vegas. You’ll often find these players in the hotel’s presidential suite, playing at their own private blackjack table; or, in the casino’s high roller room ( Casino Salon ) where there are substantially higher betting limits. The casino business is much like the air travel business in this respect: if you can pay to play, you’ll get the very best treatment possible, including luxury meals, comfortable seats, and bonuses that those riding in coach do not get.

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So what do online casinos have to offer their top players? Do online casinos treat VIP players like land based casinos? The short answer is “Yes”, most all online casinos that reputable and well run have exclusive VIP player programs. What does it take to get the royal treatment from online casinos, and what do I get out of it?

We’re glad you asked. Here’s a short list of items that will usually identify players as high rollers, which will privy them to very lavish online casino excitement:

  • Large Initial Deposit – Players usually signify their high level action by making a substantial first deposit. In most cases “substantial” means more than $500, sometimes $1000. This doesn’t mean that players who prefer to test the waters with a $50 deposit won’t ever qualify as a VIP, it just means that at some point, you have to put up a serious amount of money when depositing.
  • Frequency of Play – VIP online casino players tend to access their casino about twice a week on average, sometimes more often, sometimes less, given the time of year and culture they come from. Whereas a “one time” player deposits $100 and never returns, VIP online casino players continue to deposit and play on a regular basis. This helps identify them to casino support staff, who will make doubly sure to take care of any needs they have. In many cases, online casino high rollers demonstrate loyalty to a casino by playing consistently for more than 4 months.
  • Substantial Re-Deposits or Re-Load Deposits This aspect of a high roller is part and parcel with the initial deposit criteria. Suppose you’ve got a big bankroll, and initially deposited $100 to get your usual casino bonus. If you’re excited about playing again, let the online casino know you’re serious by depositing more than $1000 on your next deposit. Chances are, the casino will give you a bonus on this and subsequent deposits. Like any land based casino, you have to “put your money where your mouth is” and play big.

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OK, so now you’ve met the requirements of a “high roller”. What do you get out of it? Are there any special perks?

First of all, it should be noted that much of the treatment online casino high rollers receive is highly personalized, and in many cases, highly confidential information. As a result, online casinos do not share what it takes to keep a high roller happy, or what a particular high roller’s favorite bonus option is. If they did, they would potentially lose their business to a competing casino. In effect, being a high roller means your personal information is held in the utmost confidence and under highly secure databases.

The usual perks include special re-deposit bonuses, and a personal casino attache who the VIP player can call at any time for help depositing and withdrawing money. Also, in most cases, the casino manager himself/herself likes to call and thank you the player for his or her business. In general, they try to get to know the player. This allows the casino to figure out what kind of betting limits are preferred, what games are preferred, and what banking transaction methods are the easiest to process.

After playing for a month or two at an online casino, many high rollers will receive gifts. It’s not uncommon for a big player to have flowers, champagne, or expensive wine sent to their residence. As time continues, high rollers will gradually be treated to more lavish treatment. Some online casinos offer complimentary tickets and lodging to high-end beaches in Central America. Others will have yearly parties and gatherings, where each VIP player has a comped hotel room, transportation, meals, and other special allowances. In general, these highly exclusive parties will take place over a long weekend, and many times celebrities and special entertainment acts are invited.

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The most important thing to remember, however, is that you’ll get rewarded for your business based on what the casino knows about you. This doesn’t mean you have to divulge personal details about your life. Instead let them know, for example, that you like Opus One wine, enjoy adult entertainment, or would love to see a football game in a skybox for free. Also, let them know that you want your payouts sent instantly, or by Fedex overnight mail. It’s these types of details that matter.

Finally, the type of gifts high rollers receive also depends on their geographic location. Online casino high rollers from America might be treated to tickets to a major rock concert, while a player from Singapore will be offered exclusive spa treatment and mini-vacations. Much of the perks are relative, and based on cultural norms.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our look into the mysterious, yet very rewarding, world of an online casino high roller. Remember, always play with your head, not above it. High rollers, like any other players, can be susceptible to problem gambling. Therefore, don’t spend exorbitant amounts of money unless you have the bank account to back it up.

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