Super Sunday is on the way, but that doesn’t mean you have to put casino games aside. To the contrary, we suggest playing at one of our feature casino sites before the big game begins. Why? Special Promotions, of course! Anytime seasonal events pull gamblers to sports, casinos need to make up for the temporary loss of interest by offering customers special bonuses, tournaments, and even free cash. Online casinos have worked hard for your patronage, and they intend to keep it. Let’s find out more.

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Reload Bonuses

We’ve written before that players should use caution about accepting first time deposit offers. In most cases, these bonuses are laden with terms and conditions that make it nearly impossible to convert into real cash. As a result, a player’s initial deposit is almost certainly bound for the casino’s coffers.

Reload bonuses, however, are a different and more friendly beast. Once you’re through the door and have proven that you can deposit money successfully, it’s likely your casino will offer you some halfway decent reload or “redeposit” bonuses. In most cases, these bonuses are pared down compared to their first deposit bonus relatives, and actually give players a chance at making money. These bonuses are either offered on your casino’s promotions page in the form of a coupon code, or over the phone via a casino support representative. High Rollers always get these offers in person on the phone, as a special Thank-You for their business. Expect to get anywhere from 25%-50% extra money on top of your next deposit, plus easy play through requirements and not a lot of terms and conditions. – Top Game Software – USA and International Players Welcome

Tournaments Galore

Poker isn’t the only casino game that is amenable to tournament play. As a matter of fact, it’s possible to run tournaments with most any casino games, especially blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and slots. Casino tournaments are fun because the cash prizes are typically larger than the average online poker cash game. It’s not uncommon to see blackjack tournaments with Grand Prizes well over $2500 USD, depending on the size of the tournament and the number of players the casino is able to attract.

If card games aren’t your thing, you’re still in luck: many online casinos run regular slots tournaments. At first glance, playing slots against other players might not make sense, since it is a “house banked” game. In other words, players are really playing against the house to win money. Most online casinos don’t pool the tournament fees as a jackpot. Instead, they offer the regular payouts of the particular slot machine, and award the winning player an additional cash prize at the end.

Slots tournaments are especially enjoyable if there are lots of people participating. Casinos with multi-player games and chat functions will often boast a fast paced and entertaining chat conversation among tournament participants. Tournaments are a social function, so some online casinos aim to allow players the most interaction with others as possible.

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Here’s another upside to slots and blackjack tournaments: incidences of cheating are extremely low. You may have heard that poker is susceptible to automated robots and player “collusion”, or sharing one’s hand with others at the table to unfairly win the pot. There’s no such thing as collusion when it comes to tournament blackjack or slots, since everyone’s game is their own and not subject to any outside influence. Play with confidence: you won’t get bagged at non-poker casino game tournaments!

New Games, New Thrills

The start of the New Year and push into February means that many online casinos will attempt to capture throngs of players with innovative games. Generally speaking, casinos will release new slots or video poker games just after the New Year, and use the initial set of customers as a “pilot” test group. The casino managers want to see if there is any interest in the games. Most importantly, they want to see if that interest will be sustained after the initial release. Online and offline casinos don’t waste table space or computer processing time with games no one likes, so if you’re interested in new casino games, February is the month to play. – Always New Games + The Famous Monopoly Slot Machine – International Players Only

Additionally, online casino managers will also entice players to try new games with special bonuses and coupons. In some cases, these promotions are offered in conjunction with using an e-wallet to deposit; however most of the time you can just use your credit card as usual.

There might not be such thing as “free money” at the casino, but there is such thing as discounted money. Why play with your cash when you can get a matching bonus from the house? Play Smart and Win BIG!

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