There are basically two types of online casino players: 1) Experimenter or 2) High Roller. The “Experimenter” will frequent a number of different online casinos, usually depositing less than $250 per casino to try out the games. Additionally, many experimenters just visit to get a new player bonus offer, or because there is a special promotion going on at the casino. Then we have the high roller, an entirely different type of customer. Unlike the “experimenter”, high rollers will browse a few casinos and pick out one or two worthwhile sites. Then, they’ll make their presence known with an initial deposit of $500 or greater. High rollers also like to stick around good online casinos, and will frequently gamble between 8-12 months at a suitable online casino.

Generally speaking, online casino marketers know that the vast majority of their players will never deposit more than $500 in total over their “lifespan” at the casino. As a result, many of the games and table limits are set for the smaller player, who bets no more than $10 per hand at blackjack, or $15 on a given roulette wheel spin. You’ll notice at many online casinos the biggest chip is $100, and the max bet for blackjack, for example, is $500.

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There are reasons for table limits: without them, players could potentially take advantage of the Martingale Strategy. They could continually attempt to double up on the house after a losing hand, thereby breaking even with respect to their bankroll balance. A cap on the max bet effectively diffuses this strategy, because at some point, the player will need to “double up” with a bet greater than the highest allowed amount. Table limits also keep lucky players from devastating a casino, or fraudsters from getting away with large sums of money.

What if I like to bet Big?

If you like to bet big and love to play at online casinos, you have to let the casino know that you’re a serious player. Initially, we always suggest that you deposit a small amount of money to play through the bonus and experience the casino’s games. After that, however, if you intend to play big, you’re going to have to deposit big. To be clear, when we mean “deposit big”, we’re talking an amount greater than $500.

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Once you’ve got a nice bankroll funded, head over to the game of your choosing. Slot machines generally have fixed deposit and betting limits, and can’t be changed. Usually high rolling slots players play the $1 machines, and will “bet max” on every spin. If there are special $5 or $10 machines available, it’s probably wise to use these machines as well. If table games are more your thing, you’re going to have to play blackjack, baccarat, craps, or roulette for at least $100 a hand. $5 bets will not cut it. If you want to be identified as a high roller, you’re going to have to PLAY like a high roller first.

After you’ve played the casino’s games for awhile, make sure you contact customer service to request higher table limits. There’s actually a multitude of benefits for asking table limits be adjusted:

  • You’ll be identified as a VIP and will get faster service.
  • It’s likely the casino will give you a personal casino host to help you out.
  • You may get a preferred credit card processing option that charges less fess.
  • You’ll also be enrolled in the casino’s rewards program (if applicable), and can begin amassing points towards any number of different prizes. - Proprietary Software - European and International Players Only

We recommend asking for a limit 10x the amount allowed for standard casino players. So, if the table betting limit in blackjack is $100, ask for at least $1000; plus the ability to use higher denomination chips. Even though chips are managed automatically online, it’s much easier to bet with a single $500 or $1000 chip, opposed to clicking your way to $500 with a pile of $5 chips. Once these provisions are in place, make sure you specify enhanced table limits for any other games you might play, so that you can take care of adjusting all your favorite casino games on one phone call or email. This saves a lot of time, and is more efficient for the casino operation.

Now that you’re officially a VIP, remember that you’re big business to the online casino. The online casino should offer you a regular set of perks, special promotions, low cost payout options, and rejection free credit card processing. You should also have a VIP host that speaks your language, and a direct line to this host to assist you with any casino technical issues or questions. Casinos are a “pay to play” environment; so if you’re a big player, you should be enjoying better rewards and benefits than a $25 player.

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So that’s our summary on raising table limits at online casinos. If you take anything away from this article, remember “pay to play”: money talks, so to reap the benefits of being a casino VIP you’re going to have to pony up a serious amount of money first. Once you’ve proved yourself to the casino, everything from that point forward is easy. Watch your email box or snail mail for gifts, coupons, or special casino promotions. If you’re a high roller, chances are, casinos will treat you to many nice surprises for your business, which is yet another perk of playing big.

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