Well, almost: before going any further, we should state that as of the date of this blog post, there are NO Las Vegas casinos with online operations. That said, it’s worth noting that Harrah’s is all but ready to pounce on the online gambling market, if and when USA Legislation favors online casinos. In the meantime, other giants like MGM Grand, Wynn Resorts, Mandalay Bay, and more wait on the sidelines, silently amassing their troops for when the battle for online casino customers in the USA begins. It will be crazy when that day comes, but take solace in the fact that for now, online casino gambling is not ruled by big corporations YET.

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Most people who patronize online casinos are looking for an escape similar to Las Vegas, but without the frills and extra expenses that comes with organizing travel plans, hotels, and meals. The idea of enjoying blackjack or slots in the comfort of your own home is very appealing to some people, especially in tough economic times when a trip to the real Las Vegas is out of the question.

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So how do I play casino games online? It’s actually very simple, even if you’ve never played before. We’ve outlined the process below in a few short steps:

  1. Find a casino you like – This is actually the hardest step of all! There are thousands of online casinos, some of them reputable and trustworthy, while some others are downright scoundrels. It’s important to do your homework and read popular casino forums about a prospective online casino site before you pony up money and play. All of the casino sites recommended on this site are highly regarded, safe places to play.
  2. Download and Sign Up – Once you’ve found your casino, download the software. Then, once the software is installed on your computer, signup for the casino when you open the casino program for the first time. After a successful signup, you’ll be prompted to continue to the casino to play games for fun, or play games for real money. Note, it’s also possible at many casino sites to play games without a software download, although we highly recommend downloading software, so that you get the best graphics, fastest gameplay, and most realistic gaming environment possible. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll get a confirmation email that contains your account number, withdrawal PIN (if applicable), and password recovery links.
  3. Deposit Money – This is where the fun begins, because getting money into an online casino, especially for USA customers, is like a game of roulette itself! Lately, MasterCard is all but out of the credit card processing scene for online gaming, due to a snafu in the Spring that forced them to stop all transactions going to known offshore gaming sites. All is not lost! In most cases, you can play with Visa, Pre-paid ATM cards, e-walllets like Moneybookers or Neteller, and bank transfers. Most of the time, transactions are instant and your account is ready to go. If you choose bank wire, however, you may have to wait a couple days for the transaction to clear. Even though it’s no fun waiting for banking transactions, bank wire is actually the best method to fund an account, and there are never any limits on deposit amounts!
  4. Go to Casino Lobby, Pick a Game, and Enjoy! – This is when all your efforts come to fruition. After depositing successfully, mosey on over to the casino lobby page, where you’ll have the ability to choose from table games, slots, baccarat, progressive slots, blackjack, keno, and many more. Additionally, some casinos offer poker, which is a great addition to any online casino gaming lineup. Should you need to redeposit funds, simply visit the cashier again like you did in step 3, and you’ll be up and running in no time!

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So, while Las Vegas is still in Las Vegas, we cordially invite you to try some Las Vegas Style online casinos, offering every game you can find in Vegas, plus literally dozens more. Don’t forget, many offshore gaming companies are well funded operations that produce cutting edge software and new games. Trust us, you won’t get bored when you have upwards of 100 games to choose from.

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