Aladdin's Gold Welcome Offer

Several weeks ago, we got word that Aladdin’s Gold Casino was getting a renovation. At first, like most casino marketing companies we thought “Ok, so what does that mean?”. Many times, online casino renovations are much like brick and mortar casino renovations: hit or miss. You either catch the eye of the customer, or you turn them away. Unfortunately there’s not much wiggle room, because online casino customers, like any other clientele, are picky and want certain needs met.

Then, about 10 days ago, we got word that Aladdin’s Gold Casino’s new website was live. Naturally, curiosity got the better of us, and we just had to visit. Needless to say, we were floored by what we saw: an amazing collage of graphics, animations, and deep purple hues were combined to create the new Aladdin’s Gold Casino, a website that certainly stands out from the competition. The new bonus offer accompanying this visual overhaul isn’t so bad either, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

“Play by Play” Commentary on Aladdin’s Gold Casino Website Changes:

  1. At first Glance, you see a pleasing deep purple page, in which a “loading” graphic is centered on your screen. Depending on your internet connection, the loading graphic will move faster or slower. What is this sequence for? Well, it’s actually just pre-loading all the unique Adobe Flash animation and graphics before you hit the main homepage, so you don’t have to wait inordinate amounts of time. Although we’re not a big fan of casino homepages that require load time, Aladdin’s Gold Casino is the rare exception, since it seems the website’s servers are fast and capable of delivering all the required imagery on the fly.
  2. Take a Magic Carpet Ride - No, we’re not talking about a SteppenWolf song from the 70’s, but instead Aladdin’s Gold Casino’s amazing homepage animation. Once everything is loaded and you are presented with the homepage, your eyes are in for a treat. Ever seen Pixar Studios’ computer animated 3D films, usually for younger audiences? The graphics and use of 3D technology are amazing, rendering lifelike characters, amazing viewpoints, and distinct audio accompaniment. The same type of sequence is used at Aladdin’s Gold Casino. At first, you see a picture of a Middle Eastern city, steeped with gold. You will begin to hear an audio track reminiscent of the legend of Aladdin himself. Then, look out! Your magic carpet journey begins, taking you through Aladdin’s city at a breathtaking pace, with views of his castle, lady hostess, and mega progressive jackpot. When it finally stops, you’ll see a fun loving purple genie in the center of your screen, with Aladdin and his female casino hostess flanking him at each side. The sound track continues, and you’re given the opportunity to replay the mesmerizing animation. We did 5 times!
  3. At Second Glance - After a mind boggling carpet ride, you’re probably ready for action. The rest of the homepage is fairly standard casino imagery. The navigation menu at the top of the page is very similar to Rome Casino, a Top Game brand. This is not necessarily a bad thing: in fact, the use of this type of navigation menu is very helpful to first time players. Aladdin’s Gold Casino’s support number is also displayed at the top of the page, with staff ready and willing to help you around the clock, any day of the week. The most important part of the page is just below front and center: the download software option, or flash casino option. We recommend downloading the software to enjoy the full Aladdin’s Gold Casino experience, although Aladdin’s Gold Flash Casino isn’t bad either. Both get the thumbs up from
  4. Let the Games Begin - After you’ve either downloaded the software, or clicked your way to the Flash casino, things continue to get better. Aladdin’s Gold Casino offers a unique 200% Bonus on All Deposits for 7 Days, applicable for first time depositors. You can also visit the Promotions Section, known as “The Market” at Aladdin’s Gold Casino. There’s yet another fun animation in this section of the website, which avails the player to the 200%/7 days welcome bonus, weekly promotions, and special promotions. Once you’ve joined the casino, it literally pays to visit this page frequently: players loyal to Aladdin will be offered a host of different bonuses, all of which are aimed at keeping your business. High Rollers and desert Queens and Kings will be amply rewarded by the VIP team at Aladdin’s Gold Casino, who have extensive experience with VIP players. Your business is always appreciated, and to that end, the customer service team at the new Aladdin’s Gold Casino is always happy to assist you with any questions you might have.

Aladdin's Gold Welcome Offer

Don’t miss out on the all the fun at the all new Aladdin’s Gold Casino, where the mystery and allure of the legend of Aladdin, amazing graphics, and player promotions that you can take to the bank are all standard offerings. Don’t worry about animation load times. It only takes seconds, and once you’ve seen Aladdin’s Gold Casino’s fancy imagery, you’ll be glad you waited. Customers returning to the website will be sent directly to the homepage, so that you can get right to the games (unless you want to take another Magic Carpet Ride).

We hope you enjoy the 200% deposit bonus for 7 days welcome promo, which is probably the best casino bonus program in the industry right now.

Good Luck and Have Fun from!