Jaxcasinos.com prides itself on providing a bountiful selection of casinos for players from around the world: citizens of the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, the Middle East and beyond can all find the perfect casino that suits their needs. Once a casino has been chosen, it’s paramount to think about what currency you intend to use when depositing money and playing casino games. This will make financial transactions and payouts much easier.

The first step in the process is visiting your casino’s cashier or banking page. Examine the list of deposit options available. In most cases, credit cards can be used in any currency, while some e-wallets are programmed just for USA Dollars, Euros, or Pounds Sterling. If you’ve already setup an e-wallet, be sure to deposit using the same currency as your e-wallet account. Finally, if you intend to deposit by check or bank wire, it’s best to call customer service to get all the necessary transaction information so that you can deposit as quickly as possible. Currency conversions can sometimes delay your bank wire or bank draft an extra day or two.

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Players from Europe have the best selection of deposit options, most of which are available in multiple currencies. E-wallets like Neteller, Moneybookers, or ECO Card can be set in Euros, USA Dollars, or Pounds Sterling. Additionally, local debit cards, like Maestro or Laser, should all function without any problems when depositing to your casino player’s account. As a general rule, European Casinos play in Euros, and USA casinos in Dollars.

What if I’m from Europe and my casino operates in USA dollars?

It’s important to remember that European players are welcome to play at casinos that primarily market to the USA, or use USA Dollars. In fact, these casinos actually prefer European business, because there is less legal red tape in regards to processing financial transactions. You may also find that your credit card deposits hardly ever get rejected, because nearly all European credit cards process financial transactions to online casinos.

If you want to play at a casino that uses USA Dollars, you should be able to sign up and deposit like you would at any European online casino. When you visit the cashier, your credit card or debit card deposit will be converted from Euros or Pounds Sterling into Dollars. In many cases, casinos offer the best currency exchange rates, and you’ll get more dollars to use after you’ve completed your transaction. When you review your credit card or debit card statement, you’ll see a note that money was converted into dollars, the fee charged, and the total amount of Euro spent in total.

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If you use an e-wallet to deposit, note that the e-wallet may charge currency conversion fees. Again, in most cases, these fess are minimal, and you’ll find that some USA facing casinos might even give you an extra bonus for using an e-wallet opposed to credit card. If your e-wallet happens to be in USA dollars, you won’t be charged any conversion fees at all. It’s advisable to always use the same currency the casino uses when possible, but remember that nearly every online casino is setup to convert currencies without issue.

What if I’m from the USA and my casino operates in Euros?

Unlike European players, who can freely visit any USA marketed casino, USA players are generally restricted from playing at European casinos. This is due to the USA’s murky legal stance on processing transactions to offshore casinos. As a result, European casinos do not want to risk their livelihood accepting business originating from the USA because their processing fees will be higher, and they will also be flying in the face of current USA law.

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This means that people living in the USA can only play at casinos which accept USA business. Furthermore, because nearly all USA credit cards and bank accounts are in USA Dollars, USA players will only be able to deposit dollars to their casino player’s account. The same is true for USA customers that use e-wallets like UseMyWallet or Click2Pay: clients from the USA that use these services generally have their account programmed in dollars.

The rare exception to this rule is if you happen to have residency or citizenship in another country. If, for example, you live in the USA, but happen to have European citizenship, you can open up a European e-wallet account or deposit using your European credit or debit cards as an European player. Note that you’ll probably need some sort of bona fide address in Europe to open your e-wallet and casino player’s account. Once this is done, the casino will treat you as a European player and allow you other deposit options that would not be available if you had registered as a USA player.

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Finally, if you’re from the USA, we advise that you don’t convert your USA Dollar deposit to Euros or Pounds Sterling unless absolutely necessary (even if the casino accepts USA business and advertises Euro or Pounds Sterling bonuses). The reason: you’ll accrue higher transaction fees because your deposit will have to be converted to the other currency. If you’re from the USA, it’s always advisable to play in dollars in order to avoid unnecessary currency conversion fees, which will only leave you with less money to use at the casino.

The same goes for payouts: collect your winnings in the same currency you used to deposit. If you choose a different currency for your payout, you will incur additional fees for the currency conversion, that only serves to decrease the amount of money you’ll get from the casino. Remember, casinos will never “pick up the tab” for your currency conversion. As a result, keep it simple and use one currency for your deposits and withdrawals.

We hope you’ve learned something new from our article about depositing and playing at casinos with different currencies. It’s a small, yet very important detail that ultimately impacts your bottom line; so don’t convert to another currency unless absolutely necessary. Finally, note that any withdrawals from a casino account using Euros to a bank account using Pounds Sterling, for example, will be subject to currency conversion by your own bank. Therefore, if at all possible, make sure you pick one common currency that allows you to deposit and withdraw with the least amount of fees and conversions required.

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