In our last post, wrote about the infamous Martingale Betting strategy, its benefits, pitfalls, and ramifications applying it to real money play. Now, we’d like to avail you to a very helpful website for learning blackjack basic strategy, which without a doubt, will improve your odds at the blackjack table.

First, a little introduction to basic strategy. Have you ever been playing at a table in Vegas and another player said: “…always split your 8’s…” or, “…double down when the dealer has a 6 and you have 9,10 or 11…”? Did you wonder how they knew what to do, as if they were experts of some sort? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Blackjack novices invariably come up against other players who seem to know it all, and will even go as far as chastise you from the table if you don’t “play correctly”. This is especially true at tables where the minimum bet is $25 or greater. In general, folks that play for this amount are looking to make money, and don’t have time for beginners to mess up the flow of the game - something they’d experience at the $5 tables.

In reality, these people do know what they’re talking about, but they’re only going by a memorized set of decisions that each player should make when playing blackjack. These decisions govern how to play one’s hand, given certain game conditions and varieties, such as if the dealer hits a soft 17, or if early or late surrender is available. The “correct” decision to make in blackjack has been arrived at by countless studies in years past made by computers that have determined, through various programming technologies running through thousands of different possible hands of blackjack, what is statistically the best choice to make given the number total of your hand against the dealer’s up card.

To see blackjack primer page and general basic strategy chart, see Online Blackjack Guide - Click Here . Read this page and review the chart at the bottom of the page carefully. In it, you’ll see what play should be made based on any situation in blackjack (except the possility of doubling down after taking a card). The chart may look complicated, but after you’ve had some practice playing blackjack, you’ll quickly get the hang of things.

If you’re more inclined to “learn through practice” versus studying, no problem. We’ve got the perfect place to go: Online Blackjack Basic strategy trainer - Click Here. is a great place to practice basic strategy and be “coached” as you play.

To begin learning basic strategy, visit this site, and when presented with the option of “easy” or “competition mode”, select “easy”. Then, you’ll be presented with a blackjack table. On the left of your screen will be a menu that contains common game conditions and rules that can vary from casino to casino. Select the conditions that apply at your casino, so that you’ll be learning how to play blackjack basic strategy for the next time you play.

The easy mode option allows you to play as long as you like. As you play through your bankroll, the program will prompt you if you make a mistake playing your hand. The “coach” will display a pop-up window that tells you what play to make based on the specific situation you’ve encountered. Once you’ve played the easy mode for a few days, then move on to “competition mode”.

When you begin “competition” mode, make sure to set the game rules exactly the same as the rules you specified during your easy mode session. This will make the game environments similar, and the plays you learned will be applicable.

Competition mode is actually fairly tough: you only have 4 seconds to make your play. If you want to qualify for the bonus round, you must make 10 hands in a row correct. If you make an error, the bonus hand count resets to 0 and you must wait until you reach 10 again to make the bonus round. Also, if you run out of money, the game ends, so we recommend that for now, just play $5 or $25 per hand. It doesn’t matter how much you win or lose during the qualifying round in competition mode, since the real fun begins in the Bonus round.

If you manage to get 10 hands correct, you’ll go to the bonus round, where you have $1000 play money and 2 minutes to make as much money as possible. If you so much as make one error, the bonus game ends and you have to qualify again. Our special hint: if you’re going for a top score, don’t bet the entire $1000 bankroll on your first hand. If you lose all your money before the 2 minutes is up, the game ends and you must start all over again. is a fun and exciting way to learn blackjack basic strategy, and chances are, with practice, you’ll make a high score on the weekly leader board.

After you feel confident with your basic strategy, move on to real money play by browsing the various casinos at our site. Then, make sure that the blackjack game offered by the casino matches closely to the basic strategy game conditions you have learned.

Have fun and good luck!