Over the years, online slot machines have slowly evolved. In the first online casinos, slots were like they were at brick and mortar casinos: a screen with 3 reels, coin buttons, and a lever to spin the reels. The popular slot games like “Sizzling Sevens” and Red,White and Blue 7-7-7 slot were adapted into online casino software, to recreate the real life experience online.

Next in the online slots evolutionary path were progressive slots, which involved more complicated programming. For the first time, online casino software companies not only had to program a progressive game, but also create a common backend (or gaming database) to keep track of the progressive jackpots. Initial progressive slot machines only pooled the jackpots of the individual casino. Slowly, though, through the wonders of programming and gaming engineering, leading software companies like Microgaming came out with progressive slot machines that pooled jackpots across the entire span of its clients casinos. Suddenly, $10,000 USD progressive jackpots turned into jackpots upwards of $500,000 USD.

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Then, as video slots became popular in Las Vegas and other gambling destinations, some online casino companies started programming their own video slot games. Video slots were essentially video games built into slot machines. This allowed the player a greater variety of games to play, and created an enriched slot game experience full of bonus games and some rough story lines. Unlike their brick and mortar counterparts, however, online casino companies could offer more detailed video slot games by virtue of the fact that they didn’t have to produce individual machines, just program another game and release the software. This method is much more cost effective, and more profitable for online casinos.

Fast forward to the present, where online slots continue change, but at a much slower rate…that is, until now: Rival Gaming, a relatively new online casino software company, is now leading the race for the development of the next generation of slot machines, creating what are known as “I-Slots”.

What are I-Slots?

I-Slots stands for “Interactive Slots”. This name implies that these games interact at a higher level with the player, compare to the old fashioned 7-7-7 slots, and even the most detailed of video slots.

Essentially, I-Slots are very advanced video games that contain a clear and detailed storyline. In order to play the game, the user must deposit money and continue spinning the video slot reels to determine the next plot development in the game. Different results on the slot reels mean different diversions, bonus games, and other enjoyable twists that make the gaming experience unique to each user. This also makes the slot machine more enjoyable for repeat players who delve into the storyline, because every time they play in the future, they will experience a different story and bonus games based on the spin of the reels.

Rival Gaming has created a number of interesting I-Slots. Here is a short list of I-Slots listed at Da Vinci’s Gold Casino, a leading Rival Gaming brand:

  • Baby Boomers – Casino Cruise – In this story, slot players board a video cruise ship. As the game progresses, they are sent to different international tourist destinations and can enjoy a few surprising bonus games.
  • Cosmic Quest – No slot offering would be complete without a Sci-Fi style adventure. Cosmic quest takes its players for a ride around the galaxy, moving them along a fun story as they spin the video reels.
  • As The Reels Turn; As the Reels Turn Part 2; As the Reels Turn Part 3 – This I-slot is aimed at the female customer, playing on the name of the TV soap opera “As the World Turns”. I-slot players will love the intricate storyline and cast of characters, all based on stereotypical soap opera actors.
  • Reel Crime: Bank Heist; Reel Crime: Art Heist – In the mood for a little criminal mischief? “Reel Crime” takes you into the world of super-smart criminals, as they attempt to knock off a bank and art museum. Along the way, you’ll encounter some fun bonus games that boost your take (or game winnings) from the crime.

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Although these slots may not pack the punch that a progressive machine boasts in terms of a large jackpot, they are, for the most part, actually more enjoyable to play. Slot fanatics will not be staring blankly at the screen watching the same figures pass by: instead, they can be active participants in the game, choosing their own adventure as they spin the reels.

I-Slots are clearly the next step in slot machine evolution, offering players a drastically different experience from the old fashioned one armed bandits. What will come next for slot machines? Who knows, made VR-Slots: “Virtual Reality Slot Machines”; or even 3D Slots: if the player wears special glasses, the game symbols will literally jump off the screen like a 3D feature length movie.

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  7. This IS Vegas Casino – USA & International Players Accepted
  8. Da Vinci’s Gold Casino – USA & International Players Accepted

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