When it comes to online casinos, what’s your style? At Jaxcasinos.com, part of our motto is “play casino games in style”. The word “style”, however, can mean different things to different people. Online casinos, for the most part, know that their casino’s style will attract certain types of customers and turn away others. Some casino themes are too aggressive for some players, while others might use a color scheme that doesn’t seem to appealing to others. On average, people will view a casino homepage for about 5 seconds, of which 2-3 seconds will be absorbed by loading graphics. That leaves online casinos precious time to make an all important first impression.

Truth be told, there’s no one single website theme or style that will sell every customer. Some of the world’s foremost online casinos, like 888.com, use a very bland theme in hopes of attracting every player that lands on their site. Even so, however, some people still will look for other places to play that cater to their own needs. The following is a brief list of common casino styles and themes that are prominent at many of the casinos you’ll find on our site.

Common Online Casino Themes

  • The “Lucky” Theme – Luck is a strong element of online casino gambling, so it follows that casinos would want to impart a sense of good fortune to players. This theme selection tends to produce a lot of casinos that use the numbers 7-7-7, slot machine symbols, or ancient hieroglyphics with fortunate meanings on their pages. Other casinos will focus on roulette numbers, “21″ for blackjack, or images of a straight flush in Caribbean Stud Poker. This is certainly one of the more popular themes, however it is sometimes used too often and lacks originality.

    Example: Strike It Lucky Casino (Europe and International Players Only)

  • Lap of Luxury Theme – In many ways, online casinos are meant to be an escape much like land based resort casinos: you enter a fantasy world where you’re surrounded by riches, gold, and high style. Casino mogul Steve Wynn is known for hanging priceless artwork at the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas, all in hopes of creating a dream world for his customers. The same goes for some online casinos. Sites with the “luxury” theme will use imagery that includes high performance cars, ornate casino decorations, classic fonts, and highly detailed design schemes. These casinos hope to attract high rollers.

    Example: Club Vegas USA Casino (All Players Welcome)

  • Historical Theme – Some online casinos like to capitalize on ancient societies, legends, and mythology. As a result, you’ll commonly see casinos with Egyptian, Mayan, Aztec, or ancient Asian Dynasty themes. Others will use great names in human history. This is another way of enticing players through the door. The goal is to impress players with a unique gaming atmosphere, one that plays on a slightly intellectual tangent, in hopes of capturing customers who seek something highly original and carefully thought out.

    Example: Rome Casino (All Players Welcome)

  • Island/Caribbean Theme – The Caribbean and many foreign island communities are known for offering tourists casino gaming. In fact, many people who visit places like the Virgin Islands or the Bahamas end up spending time in the local casinos. As a result, many online casinos have picked up on the idea of a tropical getaway, using beach, sand, sun, palm trees, and other types of images. The goal is to attract players who think of gambling as a vacation experience: one that they can enjoy at anytime from their computer.

    Example: Mayan Fortune Casino (All Players Welcome)

  • High Energy Theme – There are some customers that prefer high energy, in your face, bright and shiny casino websites. Typically, casinos that fit the “high energy” theme have flashy graphics, lots of animations, aggressive bonus offers, and portrayals of intense games like blackjack, slots, or baccarat. Such websites aren’t necessarily meant for the “younger crowd”, but more for the customer that likes a “sensory overload” casino experience, with audio, graphics, and even 3-D images to enjoy.

    Example: This IS Vegas Casino (All Players Welcome)

  • Casino Game Theme – This theme is relatively straightforward. Many online casinos will mold their site around blackjack, roulette, slots, or Asian style casino games. The hope is to attract people that only play 1 or 2 different casino games. As a result, such casinos tend to offer special blackjack or roulette related promotions, tournaments, or player bonuses. The bulk of their business, as a result, will come from the game they’re focusing on, though online casinos using this theme frequently try to cross players over to other games. Customers that only play blackjack, for example, might be marketed to play slots: a game that is heavily in the house’s favor and doesn’t require any specific strategy or knowledge.

    Example: Blackjack Ballroom Casino (Europe and International Players Only)

  • USA or other Country Theme – Some casinos believe that all you need to do to attract a certain demographic of players is to fashion their site around a certain nationality. Many casinos that focus on the USA demographic, for example, will use the American flag and important national landmarks in their advertisements. Other casino companies choose to use European countries, attempting to awaken a sense of adventure in players who might be attracted to the mystique of gambling in a foreign nation. While the idea is of using a certain nationality is not new, the way the casinos present themselves usually is quite creative.

    Example: Las Vegas USA Casino (All Players Welcome)

That’s our review of the most common and popular online casino themes. Feel free to browse through each theme listed above and click on the example casinos provided. You’ll certainly find something that is appealing and catches your attention. Remember, don’t judge a book by its cover, but do judge a casino on its looks: if you don’t like what you see, you’ll probably not want to deposit and play at that site.

Good Luck from JaxCasinos.com!