Craps is favorite among high rollers and highly experienced gamblers, in part because the game itself requires some advanced knowledge. Beginners usually shy away from Craps in land based casinos because the game looks complicated, and many times the other players are intolerant of someone who might slow the games down.

The good thing about online casinos, however, is that you can play craps in the privacy of your own home. Using a casino's "play money" or "fun money" option, you can practice your craps game, experiment with different bets, and learn the flow of the game, without having to worry about upsetting other more experienced players. Remember, most online casinos will give you a private craps table, which is all the more reason why learning craps online is your best bet.

Unlike slots or roulette, craps is a game that can be potentially very profitable for a player who knows how to place the right bets. The house edge in the game is minimal, and most craps tables allow high limit bets. This makes craps a great game to play if you want to make money at an online casino. You may not walk away with a big slots jackpot, which is near impossible to win, but you can easily double or triple your money in a relatively short period of time.

Finally, if you absolutely have no idea how to play craps, there's plenty of great gaming guides all over the internet made just for the beginner. The best bet for new craps players is the "pass line" bet, which in many cases is great bet for experienced players as well. As time progresses, you can learn to "take odds" on your bets, which can quickly add up to serious amounts of money, with next to nothing in terms of house edge.

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