Roulette is one of the most popular attractions at online casinos. In most cases, players have the option between choosing either American double zero Roulette, or European single zero Roulette. The difference between the two is very slight, but important in the long run: Single zero roulette has a less favorable house edge than double zero roulette, and therefore gives the player the potential to win more money.

Here are a few tips for play online roulette:

Bankroll Management: If you deposit $100, play in dollar chips on the "inside" (numbers 0-36) of the table, or at most $5 chips on the "outside" (odd/even, black/red, dozens, 1-18 and 19-36). The main reason for this strategy is that it allows you to have a decent shot at winning some money, while not going bankrupt within two or three spins. Many roulette players like the place their entire bankroll on the table in huge stacks of chips on various numbers. While this makes the game more exciting, if you lose, you're out of money in just minutes. Instead, use smaller bets to build up your bankroll over time.

Good Roulette Bets versus Bad Roulette Bets: In general, placing an entire bet on one number straight up is a sucker's bet. Remember, the odds of this number coming in are 1 in 38 for American Roulette, and 1 in 37 for European Roulette. These odds are clearly stacked against the player. It's far better to either bet on multiple numbers, or stick to the "outside" of the table and play the multiple number bets. Some players can do pretty well betting black or red. Others like to place two equal stacks of chips on 2 of the 3 dozens bets, which is probably the safest bet in the house. Some players prefer the "street" bet, where they bet a stack of chips on 3 numbers across the table, like 1,2,3 for example. Finally, combining some of these strategies works well, too: some players will bet 2 stacks of chips on two of the dozens spots, plus a stack of chips on black. Your odds are almost 2:3 for winning the dozens bet, and of course about 1:2 for winning the black bet. Therefore, for every 2 winning dozens bets plus a black color play, it's possible you might hit your black bet as well.

Long Run House Edge: Roulette has the best house edge of all table games. There is no "skill" involved in roulette, unless you are able to exploit the weaknesses of a particular roulette wheel or dealer; or you place well informed bets. As a result, the longer you play, the more likely the house will catch up on you, and take your money. Thus, if you find yourself getting ahead, perhaps even doubling or tripling your money, you might want to consider cashing in and enjoying your winnings. Chasing losses in Roulette is always a losing proposition.

Fad Bets: Every once in a while, a pseudo-professional gambler will come up with a betting strategy for roulette that doesn't exploit dealer or wheel weaknesses. More specifically, we mean that the professional gambler will advise you, for example, to always play black, odd, and place 7 straight up bets. Remember, no matter what you do, the house still enjoys the edge in this game. So, no matter what strategy someone tries to sell you, it's probably no better than your own.

The following is a diagram of the fabled "snake" roulette bet. This bet gets its name from the snake-like pattern formed on the roulette table. Despite the many urban legends and random gambling chatter, this bet is not very productive.

Red Snake Bet - Playing Snake

All that said, the following is a payout chart for American double zero Roulette. Remember these numbers carefully, and be an informed gambler. Don't take wild risks unless you're ahead in the game, or else your money will disappear very fast.

* In this chart, the "Trio" bet is also known as a "Street" bet

Type of Bet

Numbers Covered


Black Bet

18 numbers

1 to 1

Column Bet

12 numbers

2 to 1

Corner Bet

4 numbers

8 to 1

Dozen Bet

12 numbers

2 to 1

Even Bet

18 numbers

1 to 1

Five Bet

5 numbers

6 to 1

High Bet

18 numbers

1 to 1

Line Bet

6 numbers

5 to 1

Low Bet

18 numbers

1 to 1

Odd Bet

18 numbers

1 to 1

Red Bet

18 numbers

1 to 1

Split Bet

2 numbers

17 to 1

Straight Up Bet

1 number

35 to 1

Trio Bet

3 numbers

11 to 1