Before we go any further, let’s be clear (as of the date of this blog) that Harrah’s has not launched an online casino, nor is it live. The word “Harrah’s” is a trademark of its respective company.

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Now, on to the hypothetical: imagine waking up one day discovering that Las Vegas giants like Harrah’s, MGM, and Steve Wynn opened up online casinos. Would you stick with your old fashioned offshore casino, or would you flock to these highly respectable brand names? Would the offshore online casino industry fold up overnight? These and other scenarios are all important to consider when it comes to discussing the possibility of legalized/regulated USA online casinos.

For one, it’s a safe bet that most people would sooner trust an established Las Vegas brand, opposed to some unknown offshore business entity. Vegas casino giants are generally well run, and operate within the guidelines of the Nevada Gaming board. Accordingly, there are no crazy bonus schemes, absent customer service, or payout hassles. Instead, a “Harrah’s” online casino would probably be very player friendly, unlike its offshore counterparts.

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Secondly, the overall online casino experience would be superb. Most large Las Vegas land based casinos have very deep pockets, which equates extraordinary buying power. That means top of the line gaming software, highly trained customer service, and multiple deposit and withdrawal options. What’s more, the marketing and casino management teams would likely have ample experience running a gambling operation, unlike some offshore casinos that have a skeleton team of IT professionals and light-weight management.

Finally, competition among the Las Vegas giants themselves would ultimately only further benefit the customer. Online customers would likely be offered comps, travel packages, and other rewards for their patronage. Most offshore casinos barely have enough money to send Christmas cards, let alone sending customers on exotic trips or providing freebies as an enticement to signup.

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Would all this become “doomsday” for offshore online casinos? Frankly, the answer to this question is “Yes…but”. Almost immediately, smaller, rogue offshore online casinos would close their doors. Meanwhile, larger companies would have to work hard to shore up their player base, making sure that none of their hard earned customers defect to the Las Vegas online casinos. In the short run, it’s possible big offshore operations might survive by making extraordinary offers to their players, and speeding up the payout process. In the long run, however, even these companies will bleed players to the Vegas operations, and may have to eventually close.

There’s a bit of irony here. Right now, the USA Justice Department regards all offshore gambling as “illegal”, per the UIGEA. The Justice Department cites lack of regulation, criminal enterprise, and reputation issues with various offshore gaming groups. If the USA decides to legalize online casinos, for example, the twist is this: allowing large Las Vegas companies to open their virtual gaming doors will ostensibly wipe out all the offshore rackets, thereby providing more safe and enjoyable experience for the customer.

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On top of that, the USA government could legally levy taxes from any Las Vegas online casino business. Canada has already opened a government operated online casino, designed to quell financial worries with fresh gaming revenue. Likewise, the USA government would ultimately benefit from legalized online gambling. Countless state governments already reap the rewards of additional tax revenues from Native American casino operations, and USA online casinos would be no different.

For now, however, you’ve still got plenty of places to play online. We only advertise the best online casinos at, and if you’ve ever had a hard time with an online casino, we encourage you to let us know: [email protected] . Enjoy casino gambling as it is for now, and just hang on for the day when the likes of Steve Wynn, MGM Grand, or Harrah’s open their first casino websites.

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