Need an excuse to get out of the house, perhaps to shop, gamble, or just cool down? Well now you have one. The heatwave blanketing the Northeast has made air conditioning a “hot” 🙂 commodity, and places that have it are suddenly finding themselves full of people who want nothing more than to escape the scorching temperatures. Naturally, many casinos in the region, including those in Connecticut, are getting more visitors due to the exceptional climate control that can be found behind a slot machine or blackjack table. Suddenly the idea of chilling out at a casino takes on a new meaning.

The weather has also entombed those with adequate AC inside their houses, and left many at a loss for what to do with their time. One can only watch so many hours of daytime TV before the experience gets stale. That means it’s time to hit the computer and kill time at an online casino without having to leave the comforts of a chilled home.

Traditionally, the summer months in the USA are actually very quiet in terms of online gambling. School is out, people go on vacation, and the warm sunshine beckons many to go outside and enjoy fresh air. What’s more, the NFL, NBA, and NHL are officially out of season. As a result, many online casinos and sportsbooks see a sharp decline in visitors. This time period is known throughout the industry as the “quiet season”. Throw the UIGEA into the mix, and many online casinos are finding it hard to get people through the door, let alone deposit money and play for real cash.

Not anymore. It seems mother nature and global warming have collided to produce something like a an “opposite summer” where people stay in because walking around outside would result in dramatic fluid loss and potentially heatstroke. So now, just for a little while, online casinos are getting a little more action from those that would otherwise be outside.

What are the best online casino sites for cooling down during this hot spell? We’re glad you asked, because that’s a question can answer quite easily.

Rushmore Casino – USA and International Players Accepted – RTG Software

Rushmore Casino was’s top casino for 2009, and they continue to impress us to this day. Featuring a fantastic selection of RTG casino games, Rushmore teams excellent customer service and carefree deposit options together to provide one of the best online gaming experiences the web has to offer. Top games at Rushmore include blackjack, craps, roulette, and slots. There’s always some thing to do at this website, plus unbeatable summer deposit bonus offers!

Win Palace Casino – USA and International Players Accepted – RTG Software

Stay out of the heat and enjoy casino games at Win Palace Casino, a solid RTG online casino that has a strong reputation with high rollers. Win Palace welcomes all USA players and others from around the world, providing a multi-lingual website in 5 different languages. Player favorites include progressive slots, baccarat, and video poker. Better yet, Win Palace has great deposit bonus offers, all of which are geared towards the serious online gambling aficionado. What do you have to lose? Play at Win Palace now!

Rich Casino – USA and International Players Accepted – Top Game Software

Want to get rich? Don’t want to go outside and mow the lawn in this steamy weather? That’s understandable: time to play casino games at Rich Casino, one of the flagship brands of the Top Game software brand. Although Rich Casino’s game selection is slightly smaller than the average RTG casino, you’ll still find a wealth of speedy casino games at your fingertips. Gone are the days of slow graphics and excessive game load times. If there’s one thing Top Game is good at, it’s providing a fast, action packed gaming experience that doesn’t waste your time. Stop by Rich Casino today.

That’s it for now. Stay out of the heat and drink plenty of water. Take care of any physically demanding tasks in the morning and evening hours, when the sun isn’t as strong as midday. One final tidbit: the record temperature in New York City for the past 10 years was 101, set in 2001. Just yesterday, that record was shattered, with the mercury rising to 103 degrees. Take it easy and take a rain check on the beach for a couple days. Instead, have some indoor, cool weather fun at online casinos.

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