Everyone loves slot machines: they’re simple, fast paced, and often have a lot of fun bonus games that keep one entertained for hours on end. In terms of actually winning money, however, slot machines are probably not the best bet. The reason most land based casinos are chock full of slots is because they return the most money to the house. Slots have highest house edge of all types of casino games.

Hold the phone… What about progressive slots? I can win millions playing these online, right? The answer to this question is “Yes”. There are some online slot machines, like Microgaming’s “Major Milloins”, or RTG’s “It’s Good to be Bad” that have paid out jackpots in excess of $1 Million USD ( even after applicable taxes :) ). The important thing to remember, however, is that the odds of hitting a progressive jackpot are extraordinary, and more than likely, you’ll lose your bankroll within a couple hours, even on the quarter machines.

So what types of games can I win at? Without a doubt, the best games for actually winning consistently are Table Games and various forms of Video Poker. Blackjack, Craps, and Baccarat require that the player do a little homework, but it is well worth the effort, since these games are susceptible to skilled players. Likewise, knowing perfect strategy for Video Poker may make the game seem boring, but in reality, you’re increasing your odds of winning dramatically.

Stay away from table games that are purely driven by “chance”, such as roulette or any other wheel related game, for that matter. The player has no control over his or her own game-play, and must bet purely on instinct. And, if one was to compare roulette to blackjack, it’s clear that a highly skilled blackjack player can come out on top versus roulette, since there is no such thing as highly skilled “roulette player”. The only thing that comes close is someone that cases the roulette wheel or exploits a weak dealer who spins the ball the same way each time. With online roulette, things are even more random, so unless you spot a pattern developing, save roulette for fun bets and idle gambling.

Jaxcasinos.com has visited a number of gaming sites, and has reviewed more than 2 dozen different top online casinos ( see right hand menu ). All the table games at these casinos are solid, but if you’re a serious player, we recommend the following websites:

USA Player Casinos:

Cherry Red Casino - Real Time Gaming - USA Accepted

Rome Casino - TopGame Software - USA Accepted

Vegas Sky Casino - Rival Gaming - USA Accepted

International Player Casinos (*Note: International Players can play at any USA casino above)

Phoenician Casino - MicroGaming - International Players Only

Jackpot City Casino - MicroGaming - International Players Only

Lucky Ace Casino - Cassava.net Software - International Players Only

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