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Looking for a fast paced, high energy multi-hand blackjack game? Well your search is over: check out TopGame’s Multi-hand Blackjack, a game that offers moderate betting limits and lots of action.

We tried the game just recently. You’ll see a screenshot of the game above. As you can see, we chose to play 3 handed, getting blackjack on the second hand and a terrific double-down opportunity on the first hand, an 11 against a dealer 2. Our third hand was business as usual, standing on a hard 17. As it turns out, the dealer busted with a 22, and we cleaned house making $100 on our first hand (doubled-down), $75 on our second(blackjack), and $50 on our third.

Overall, the gameplay was solid and consistent. There were no service interruptions or lengthy graphics downloads. Instead, as soon as we left the casino lobby, we were able to jump right into action. The game doesn’t have a shuffle pause either, which is good news for fans of action blackjack. This game isn’t for the faint of heart: hands are dealt fast and furious, and if you don’t watch out, you can either end up bankrupt or rich in a matter of minutes.

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In terms of game tips, it’s best to stick with standard Blackjack basic strategy for multi-deck games. If you like to count cards, we noticed that the shoe appears to deal more face cards after a run of low cards are dealt. All of this really comes down to TopGame’s RNG and game physics. We haven’t done any long term card counting experiments with this game.

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A word of advice: just because it’s “Multi-hand Blackjack”, you don’t have to play 2 or more hands every time. If you’re falling into a bad rut, reduce your bets and stick with one hand for a while. Then, when things start to shift in your favor, switch to multi-hand action to take advantage of additional money making opportunities. Play smart and don’t go too crazy with unorthodox double-downs or pair splits that you wouldn’t normally do in a land based casino. This game runs on multiple decks of cards and that only benefits the house.

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