Generally speaking, your email and contact details are highly guarded secrets at online casinos. This is true with nearly every casino, save the rogue operations. The reason for protecting your identity isn’t just a hollow trust statement: casinos have to guard your details because leaking them to a competitor will mean that they might lose your business. As a result, when casinos say “your information is private” you can be reasonably assured that they’re not going to share information with other casino or sportsbook websites. Think about it: does the Bellagio in Las Vegas advertise its top players to other casinos? Absolutely not.

Every once in a while, however, email lists get stolen, or disgruntled online casino employees will hijack details of high rollers and sell them to the highest bidder. Sometimes casinos that are “going out of business” will sell their entire database of player information as a last ditch effort to raise money, thus releasing your details to anyone with enough money to buy the casino’s information.

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The other common scenario is blanket spam email, where your email address is acquired from another source, ie. a forum website, newsletter list, merchant website, or other place where you might submit your email address in order to use a particular website’s services. In this case, it’s not your casino that betrayed you; rather, you happened to get unlucky and were placed on a mass email spammer’s list.

Ultimately, all this means that seasoned online gamblers will, from time to time, get unsolicited promotional emails from casinos or sportsbooks they have never visited, offering some sort of promotion valid only if the user clicks the links supplied in the email. This type of email can be annoying, misleading, and at times predatory in nature, playing on people’s trust of their casino to safeguard their contact information. People who send such emails hope you will click their links and generate revenue.

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How do I know if An Online Casinos Promo Email Is Real or Fake?

Most of the time, every casino email you receive does indeed lead to a real online casino. With shady email promos, however, it’s like you have never visited the advertised casino. In most cases, such email is from a competitor of any casinos where you already have membership.

The best way to discern legit promo emails from fake ones is to consider the following questions:

  • Have I ever visited this casino before, or, did I even gamble at another casino that is under the same parent company? Often, casinos with multiple brands will email customers using different casino brand names to retain your business. So, if you’re getting an email that points you toward a different brand, but from a company you already know, the offer is probably legitimate. If you don’t recognize the parent company, the email is probably bogus.
  • Is the bonus offer in the email realistic? Spammers will send offers that seem completely unrealistic, like “$1000 free with no rollover” or “2000% bonus, same as cash, on first deposit”. Offers that seem to good to be true are basically ways to get you through the door of a competing online casino. Then, they bait and switch you to a more realistic bonus offer.
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  • Do I recognize the sender’s email address? Look carefully at the address of the person that sent you the email. If it is from the promotions department of a casino you’ve already joined, the email is probably legit. If, however, the address looks like someone’s personal email, or something machine generated, the email is probably spam sent by someone who’s stolen a client list. Sender addresses can be faked, but looking at the address is always a good tip off to whether or not the email in question is real.
  • Do I constantly receive a barrage of online casino promotional email? If so, your email address has found it’s way onto a spammer’s list. When you start receiving lots of unsolicited casino promos, simply use your email client’s “bulk” or “this is spam” function to remove the email from your inbox. This will alert your email service that any future emails resembling the phony ones you’ve already received should be discarded. Legitimate casino promos come on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Therefore, promo email that comes more frequently, or on a daily basis, is probably not legit.

We hope you’ve learned something new from our article about online casinos promo email. The more knowledgeable you are about online casinos, the more likely you’ll avoid rogue casino operations, spammy email, or other predatory marketing tactics. Finally, when in doubt, call your casino if you’re not sure about email you have received. Most importantly, NEVER reply to emails with your account login details or financial information. Your casino would never ask you for this information, because they should already have it in their database. Such attempts to fraudulently get your personal information is known as “phishing”, and is a common practice of spammers and criminal enterprise.

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